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Dear Mr and Mrs Shoruna,


Re: Thomas


We would like to take the opportunity of Thomas leaving Little Angels after almost four and a half years to say thank-you to you and your team for everything you have done for him. It has been a caring environment for him to develop in and we have appreciated your willingness to listen, your kindness and your flexibility. Thomas leaves Little Angels a bright and happy boy and this is a fitting tribute to your nursery.


With all our thanks and best wishes for the future

Dear Christine,


I am writing to let you know that we are planning to move house sometime mid June to Southfields, and so will be taking Sophie out of nursery at that time. I can't say definitely when that will be just at the moment, but should know next week when I'll give you a definite last day.


I would like to let you know that Sophie has thoroughly enjoyed the time she has spent with you all at Little Angels, and both Charlie and I have been constantly impressed with the level of care, attention and love she has received from you all.


She has undergone many changes since she started when she was just a baby, and her carers - Nicola, Barbara, Latoya and everyone who has helped look after her - have helped her develop through each stage. She counts them as her friends, as well as the other children who she has become fond of -especially Rhianne - to the extent that she asks whether she will see them at the weekends, and looks forward to coming in on a Tuesday.


I just hope that she enjoys her next nursery as much. Thank you all for looking after her so well.