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I choose to work with young children, because I am a carrying person. Also, working with them is a very rewarding job. I like to watch them learn how to do things for the first time, see how they develop through the different stages, how they play, acquire new skills and discover more of the world around them.

I chose to work at Little Angels, because it is a place where children, staff and parents are welcome, the environment is safe for everybody and where the staff provide good quality care and teaching. Little Angels provides training for the staff and gives children equal opportunity to learn and develop.

I want children in my care to have a good foundation and hold values that can help them be able to go through life as good people. Nursery is one of the places where education and learning start; for that I need to make sure that the environment where the children are is safe, healthy and attractive. I will provide age-appropriate activities that encourage creativity and use of the five senses, work in partnership with parents, support their learning through observations, assess and plan for their next steps.





In my opinion there is no greater reward than to affect the lives of children in a positive way, by imparting knowledge in young children’s future development.

I chose to work at Little Angels to show good caring nature and a genuine interest in young children and their development. To exercise patience with all children, but especially with those whit behavioural problems or special educational needs.

It is my responsibility to ensure that the children in my care are safe, according to health and safety regulations and safeguarding procedures b=must be in place, because keeping children safe is also my primary rightful duty.





I enjoy providing a stable, stimulating environment to support the children’s learning and providing an exceptional level of care for all children. Also working in partnership with parents to support every child’s learning and development so they can achieve their full potential.

I chose to work at Little Angels to be an exceptional practitioner for all children, to be a part of a great team to provide a challenging, stimulations environment for all children and to continue undergoing training to be a better practitioner going forward.

I want the children to enjoy their time in within the setting, so I endeavour to provide a stimulating and challenging environment, plan activities around children’s interests to tailor to their individual needs and to support them in their development going forward.





I chose to work with young children to make a difference in their lives, such as to help them to develop in their learning and development. I enjoy working with children because they motivate me to be a better person, such as making me active as well as able to reflect on how I have worked with them.

I chose to work at Little Angels, because the moment I came to the setting, I felt I was a part of the team and they made me feel comfortable. I was also given opportunity to use my initiative to work with the children, which I enjoy doing.

My aspiration for the children in my care are their learning and development. When I see this children struggling in their learning and development, this inspires me to want to give more to them to help them.





I love to see young children developing. It is good to observe their progress. When a professional practitioner supports individual children with strong foundations, they develop very well and become better people in their community. That is the reason I chose to work with young children.

I chose to work at Little Angels, as it is a friendly environment. The parents work well with the practitioners to extend individual children’s learning. The surrounding is stimulating and positively challenging for individual children. Age appropriate activities are set up for individual children.

My aim for individual children in my care is to observe and assess them to plan age appropriate activities for each child, to be aware of their next steps and support them to achieve their targets. Also making sure individual children are healthy, safe and emotionally sound.




The Early Years childhood is very important. Young children need a very good foundation to start off with and I believe that I am able to contribute towards young children’s education.

I chose to work at Little Angels, because I enjoy working as part of a team, making positive contribution towards every aspect of my work.

My aspiration for the children in my care is for them to learn and achieve, be healthy, which includes growing and development as well as an emotional and physical well-being. Stay safe, having a positive relationship with the children and their parents, working in partnership with them, meeting children’s individual needs, because every child matters.





I chose to work with young children because I understand their emotional, physical and social well-being. I am a parent myself, so I can input my knowledge and experience into shaping their future. I can help them learn and develop individually, according to the Early Years Foundation Stage -learning through play. I love seeing children happy and growing up into confident young people. I also enjoy working in partnership with their parents.

I chose to work at Little Angels, because I enjoy working with Early Years. I live in the area, so working at Little Angels is ideal. The nursery is very multi-cultural, situated in Brixton, which is a diverse area. I like the children’s different cultures and backgrounds, to learn from them, such as the different types of foods they eat, cultural dressing and the different countries they come from.

The children in my care are very important to me, because they are young and still learning. It is my role to keep them safe from any harm and to be a good role model to them.





I chose to work with young children, because I enjoy being able to see the children develop physically and academically. I have younger siblings and spending time with them is enjoyable, so working with children is a job I enjoy.

I chose to work at Little Angels, because it was a good place for me to start my apprenticeship and since being here I feel like I have learnt so much. I feel Little Angels is a friendly place with lovely staff and I feel I couldn’t learn any better at a different nursery.

I hope all of the children achieve enough to move on successfully to primary school. I hope they make good friends and are happy.




I have a passion for young babies, this is why I chose to work with them. I feel excited when I see them growing. I am a mother of two grown sons; they are prominent in the society, because of the way I nurtured them. I have realised these babies need a strong foundation to become better people in their society and I have the potentials to support them.

The reason I chose to work at Little Angels is that the environment is friendly, the staff work together to meet individual children targets and the parents elate very well with the staff to extend individual children’s progress.

As a room leader in baby-room, my aim for individual children is my care is to observe and assess individual children and then to plan appropriate activities for the babies, in order to meet their needs.





I chose to work with young children, as I am very passionate about children and about helping them become the best they can be, sowing seeds of encouragement and love into their lives.

I chose to work at Little Angels, because I love the fact that it is a very multicultural setting which offers equal opportunities to all children. I love the fact that pre-school children get to go on trips outsider the setting to different places, such as the science museum.

My aspirations for the children in my care are to impact them to help them grow and develop into inspiring and caring adults.





I chose to work with young children, as it gives me joy to see them grow and develop in a healthy and friendly environment. I have always had a heart for children and I enjoy seeing them smile and share their experiences.

I chose to work at Little Angels, because the nursery has given me the opportunity to develop my own professional status and supported me throughout my studies and learning. I like the overall friendly atmosphere and enjoy very much the multicultural group of children and staff we have here.

My aspirations for the children in my care are to see them become happy, competent and confident people in our society, who have learned to find ways to improve their skills and abilities and that care for each other with respect and love. I want to see them reach their full potential while they are at our nursery and have the best possible start for school and the rest of their lives.





I chose to work with children, because working with children is a very challenging, yet rewarding profession. I really enjoy to see children learn and develop and also like to listen to what they say, help them and encourage them to develop their interests.

I chose to work at Little Angels, because it is a place that is welcoming, it is very multicultural and everybody is working well together.

My aspiration for the children in my care is to see them playing happily and being given the chance to choose their own choices of activities, which will help them learn better. Helping children grow up, having good social skills and behaviour. I want them to be confident, respectful and having good manners and love for each other.