To all prospective parents, please note that Little Angels Nursery School is not linked to any other Little Angels based in Brixton or Streatham.


Tel: 020 7274 8333

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For most of the time the children stay in their own group rooms, but they do share in large group activities e.g. garden play, instruments, role-play, visits to the park, etc. The daily activities of the children are designed to encourage maximum growth and development in all physical, intellectual, social and emotional spheres.

Our Facilities

We have three spacious classrooms in the nursery where the children are divided into their appropriate group according to age and ability.


There are other rooms shared by the groups for other activities. Each group is under the supervision of a qualified and experienced teacher or Nursery Nurse who is also supported by Nursery Assistants at an appropriate staff ratio based on children's age.


Every staff that joined the nursery is carefully screened for suitability. The nursery Manager and Deputy share overall supervision of all groups. Frequent change of staff between rooms is minimised in order to maintain the continuity so essential to the well being of the children.

Babies Room Toddlers Room Pre School Room