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By alison, Apr 19 2017 05:14PM

Returning to work after spending time with your baby is a heart wrenching act and is possibly made better by knowing that a family member might be taking over their day-to-day care. But what if this option isn't available to you and how do you cope with the separation?

We found this article that might help you to understand the natural anxieties that you might be feeling and how to cope with them.

Understanding the Anxieties of Parents and Children from Birth to Four Years

We have also included some respected third party links that explain the different childcre options available to you and your baby.

After reading their views, we advise that you also talk to friends and family for their first hand experiences and ,very importantly, visit the type of childcare provider you are interested in.

The approaches and type of service they provide may vary but the one common factor that you should always look for is how the children in attendance react to the carer/staff and the general atmosphere.

The Guide to Childcare Choices

Childcare Guides and Advice

The NCT Guide to Childcare Options

By christine, Oct 25 2016 07:34PM

Dear parents/carers,

Last month (September 2016), the babies in baby room were interested in mark making. Practioners supported and encouraged individual babies to extend their learning through the following activities: sand play, water play, drawing on plain/coloured paper, using coloured chalk and painting. This has helped individual babies to develop their fine and gross motor skills (physical develpment). For instance, they use their hands to hold onto the paint brush to splat the paint onto the paper etc.

The babies' social skills are well developed and these activities have also built their confidence. Individual babies who usually play solitarily are encouraged and supported by practioners to be engaged and engrossed in these activities and to work as a group to form friendships.

Most individual babies understand simple instructions and they frquently imitate words and sounds. For example, words such as "mix", "spoon", "hands", "finger", "sand", "water" etc. (communication and language).


Baby room staff :)

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