To all prospective parents, please note that Little Angels Nursery School is not linked to any other Little Angels based in Brixton or Streatham.


Tel: 020 7274 8333

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The baby unit is separate from the other groups to ensure that we provide the special care they need. Carefully selected, qualified nursery nurses and nursery assistants with many years of experience staff our baby units. An experienced Team Leader or the Manager is always at hand to closely supervise the room.


Your child's key worker will liaise with you during the 'settling in' period to understand your child's routines and ensure that life at the nursery closely follows life at home. This understanding and familiarity leads to responsive care, which in turn will result in greater emotional stability and better intellectual and language development. You will receive a daily report that outlines the activities of the day and you are welcome to telephone or visit the nursery at any time.

Babies need comfort and love, but they need an interesting surrounding too. The environment in the nursery as a whole is designed to stimulate all children.


Baby's brains develop as they interpret the information they receive through their sense of touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste and through movement. We provide a rich multi-sensory experience to stimulate and excite your child and a calm, ordered and caring presence to offer comfort and support.


During the second year, your child will continue to gain confidence and want to explore new-found skills of mobility, dexterity and speech. We plan for this stage and offer the encouragement and patience needed, which enables these skills to flourish.


We follow your child's interest and use 'Birth to Three Matters' framework as a guide to planning stimulating activities to help your child to develop as a strong communicator, a competent learner, a healthy child and a strong child.


We take our lead from you when it is time for toilet training.