To all prospective parents, please note that Little Angels Nursery School is not linked to any other Little Angels based in Brixton or Streatham.


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Placement Terms UPDATED (August 2017)


Fees: See separate sheets attached. Fees to be paid every Monday or 1st day of every month in advance by cheque, card, cash or standing order. *Any fees overdue will accrue interest at base rate + 2%.

Fees must be paid every Monday or 1st of every month otherwise your child’s placement will be terminated immediately. £30 is charged for a dishonoured cheque returned by bank.



Registration Fees:  £30.00 (non refundable) payable if you wish to place your child's name on the waiting list. You must respond to confirmation of placement letter from Nursery within 7 days otherwise the offer may be withdrawn.


Deposit/fees: Two weeks fees are required as deposit before your child starts.  Deposit can be used as part of fees due before your child leaves the Nursery. If you increase your child’s sessions, you will be asked to pay additional deposit.


Holidays: Please note that the nursery is closed for 1 week at Easter, 2 weeks in August and 1 week at Christmas and during all Bank Holidays. There are 3 set-aside days for Staff-training at the end of each of these holidays. Full fees are payable during closures. All absences including sickness are charged at full rate.


Notice (A): One month written notice is required from either side to terminate the placement. The notice period must include fees for the holiday period if a child is leaving in March, April, July, August or December.


Parents are asked to ensure that the children are collected promptly. Unless there are unavoidable circumstances such as emergency, a charge of £2.00 per every five minutes will be made after 6.00pm. Placement is withdrawn for persistent late collection.


No sweets, crisps or drinks are to be brought to the nursery. No toys other than a cuddly one for sleep are allowed. Your child’s favourite DVD or book may be brought to the nursery on Fridays only. All items must be labeled.


Uniform: It is compulsory for 3 - 5 years olds to wear uniform. T-shirt/Sweat-shirt is available for younger children, which is optional. Please enquire for prices at the time of registration.


Outings: Packed lunch must be provided by parents. A charge payable in advance of outing dates may be asked for towards transport, admission fees, and etceteras, depending on the destination.


Provisions:   Parents are to provide all garments labeled with the child's name. Parents must provide babies and toddlers with nappies, necessary cream and wipes on a daily basis. Bring in spare clothes and other necessities on a daily basis.

Children aged 3-5yrs must be completely toilet-trained before moving to pre-school class. Only cotton bag, baby-bag or rucksack is accepted, no plastic bags. School bags may be purchased here. 


Notice (B): HEALTH: If your child happens to get sick, you will have to keep him/her home until he/she feels better. Should your child be prescribed medicine which needs to be administered after return to nursery, your signature at the end of this document gives our staff permission to administer it.

Please inform us at the point of dropping your child if your child needs medication. An additional medication slip needs to be filled out by you, giving clear instructions about the administration of the medication.

We do not administer over-the-counter medicine to the children, however Calpol is offered to children if their temperature suddenly rises when at nursery, with parent’s written consent via text or email on that day.  

Please report to us, on your arrival at the nursery, any accident at home which has left a mark on your child. You must also let us know about any spots noticed or diarrhea your child has had within the last 48 hrs. Note that children may only return to nursery 48 hrs after diarrhea cleared.


Notice (C): HEALTH&SAFETY: You are expected to keep your child’s nails trimmed at a reasonable length at all times. Only stud earrings are allowed for wear. Hair length must be reasonable and tidy. For safety reasons, necklaces as well as high heel shoes or boots are not allowed for your child at nursery. Please do not allow any other person or a visitor into the premises without the management’s authorization.

We may withdraw placement temporarily for a child who bites regularly, for the safety of other children.


Furthermore, please note that the nursery reserves the right to ask for the removal of any child whose behavior is felt to be seriously disruptive, although we will do our best to help in the first instance.

Downloadable Placement Agreement Application Form

Please download and sign this agreement form (as seen below) as well as the application form, you can then return this to the nursery.

Fees + 30 Hours